Women Crushing It Wednesday: Amber from One Source Wellness

We all get super stressed out this time of year with the shopping, and decorating, and cooking, and baking, and oh my gosh I'm getting overwhelmed just sitting here typing about it at my desk!

A lot of people will either treat themselves to a massage, or sit back and hope that someone buys them one for Christmas. Well, here's something different to try in the new year ... and that's cupping!

I asked Amber Fuller, a massage therapist over at One Source Wellness in Brookfield, if she would stop by this week and talk about what the benefits of cupping are. My husband Jesse swears by her treatments, and I was intrigued to learn more about it.

After talking to her more in depth, it sounds like it's basically for every one! She talked about how a lot of her clients go to the gym, or they see her after surgery. But she also went into how it can help with menstrual cramps and sinus pressure too!

One Source Wellness is not only Amber's home for cupping, but they also offer yoga classes, skin treatments, and Dr. Paul who is their friendly chiropractor and boss. 

You can listen below, or search "An Energy Bar in a Headband" under Podcasts on our free iHeartRadio app!

Oh, and there's still time to grab a gift certificate or two too for the holidays!

I also wanted to include a woman in the Hollywood world that we lost this week, who I know was especially loved here in Milwaukee. I grew up watching reruns of "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley", and "A League of Their Own" is one of my favorite movies. Not only was this lady a funny actress, but she also paved the way for so many female directors in the industry. I loved this tribute they did on TODAY this morning for her .... RIP Penny Marshall.

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