Women Crushing It Wednesday: Jillian Jacqueline

Whenever you hear people in the industry talk about amazing up and coming women in country music, Jillian Jacqueline's name always seems to come up. Whether it's with record reps, or with other country artists, they all rave about her.

I have listened to her music in the past ("God Bless This Mess" has been one of my favorites), but I really started to love Jillian when "If I Were You" featuring Keith Urban came out. DANGGGG do these two compliment each other's voices! The thing is with this song too is that it's such an interesting concept.... and it's actually based on her relationship with her fiance before they got together officially!

Jillian & I talked about working with Keith on the song, other ladies in the country world that we love, shows that we're binge-watching, and what question she is sick of being asked (and rightfully so!). 

If you didn't get to see her open for Kip Moore the other day, have no fear! She'll be back in February opening up for Devin Dawson at The Rave!

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