Women Crushing It Wednesday: Carla Marie from 106.1 KISS-FM Seattle

With over 195K Instagram followers, 142K Twitter followers, and 6 years of radio experience, Carla Marie from 106.1 KISS-FM in Seattle is a force to be reckoned with.

Not only can you hear her in the morning on 106.1, but you can also catch her "Side Hustlers" Podcast on our free iHeartRadio app.

Does this lady ever sleep, you ask? I'm guessing no by the crazy amount of success she's already had with her just 30 years on this planet.

I wanted to feature Carla Marie this week on my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast (yes, I realize it's Friday, but this chick was a busy Queen Bee this week) because she is always on the other end of interviews ... and I wanted people to really get to see what she does. It's not just waking up early and turning on a mic. It becomes your whole life ... and I know she wouldn't want it any other way.

Oh, AND she will be filling in for me the next two Mondays (12/3 & 12/10) 3-7pm CT on FM106.1!

We talked about her time with the Elvis Duran Show, breaking the "normal woman" mold, and how there is plenty of room for all of us women to be successful in every workplace. Hear it all below, or search for An Energy Bar in a Headband podcast on our free iHeartRadio app!

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