3 Things To Watch or Listen To If You Love Suspenseful Stuff

This past weekend was packed full of entertainment for our household!

We started binge watching Julia Roberts' new show "Homecoming" on Amazon, and it sucked us in while watching the first episode. There were 10 episodes all together, and yup ... you guessed it ... we watched it all in less than 3 days. We literally have no self control. It was really good overall, but personally I feel like the ending was rushed, or could have been done better.

I love listening to music, especially our station on our free iHeartRadio app (plug plug plug), but sometimes I like to kick back and curl up with a good Podcast. I'm currently listening to season 2 of "Up & Vanished", and I needed something to hold me over until the final episode (which is today, 11/26).

I've heard that "Dr. Death" is really good (also on our iHeartRadio app, plug plug plug), but man oh mannnnn I was not anticipating how good it really is! This was the perfect Podcast to get into while waiting to hear what happens on "U&V". If you love Gillian Flynn books, creepy Netflix documentaries, and "Law & Order: SVU" like I do, then you will enjoy listening to "Dr. Death" too. 

And speaking of my girl Gillian Flynn (all 3 of her books are amazing and I highly recommend them. I'm sure you've heard of "Gone Girl" the book, and of course the movie which is one of my favorite book to move adaptations. "Sharp Objects" is great, but I like the HBO miniseries better personally. "Dark Places" is my favorite of her books, but the movie is straight up garbage ... which is probably because she had no part in it unlike "Gone Girl" the movie) .... she was one of the screenplay writers for "Widows" which came out a few weeks ago. I was in it to win it when I first saw the trailer since it stars my girl Viola Davis, but then when I saw Gillian was involved? OH BABYYYYY I WAS EXCITED! So we finally got to see "Widows" this weekend, and it did not disappoint. The cast is amazing (Liam Neeson, Carrie Coon, and Daniel Kaluuya from "Get Out" are all in it just to name a few), and the story is really well done. It's not your average mob/heist movie. Two thumbs up for this one!!!

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