Shan's Weekend in Pictures - 11/16

I have a lot to be thankful for this week just based on my weekend alone. You probably heard on the show that it was my birthday on Saturday - and usually I dread this stuff because that means I have to coordinate something for everyone to celebrate my birth. I had friends texting me in October, "What are we doing for your birthday?!" Anxiety sets in because I have several friends from a bunch of different groups - and I'm not good at mixing everyone together.

Thankfully, this year, plans were basically made for me.

On Friday night (and I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures - but I was off my wagon TIRED), my friend, Kasey, took me to La Masa - an empanada place on Brady Street. We ate more than we usually do and had a few glasses of wine. Then, we made our way to Nomad's - where as I mentioned, I was SO TIRED that I actually ended up falling into the wall by the end of the night and accidentally walking into the men's restroom. This was after half of a, it was definitely the snoozes talking.

On my actually birthday, Han and I went up to the Bier Stube to meet one of the regulars on the winter trip Ridder, Scott and I take - Amanda. This was the first time I had been to the Bier Stube in years. In fact, the last time I went, my uncle (who always wore cowboy boots) decided he wanted to race me in the parking lot. He tumbled down and got a huge scrape up his nose. #whoops!

This is the part where I had most of my weekend planned for me - I "had" to work the Admirals game on Saturday...which was also DOG DAY!!! Quinn and I game hosted...and we won (not that I'm tooting our horns or anything), but despite the good game, the Admirals made sure I had plenty of "embarrassment" during the game. I really appreciate everything they did - from making me wear a sash to putting one of the most hideous pictures of me up on the jumbo tron (supposedly, I need to have a talk with my boyfriend, the supplier). It was a blast. Not to mention - I had a solid cheering section with my friends and my family - who even made a sign for me....

After the game, I had my "mixed friends" group head over to the Ale House. After my first drink was handed to me - The OG - I was off to a great start. A few tequila shots later, I switched to diet coke and water right away knowing I couldn't keep up. It's tough being the birthday girl! Regardless, I was still able to get pictures with some of my favorite people.

This is my best friend, Jessi, and her friend, Gabi. You hear me talk about Jessi a lot on the show because she's getting married next August, and I'm the maid of honor!

Jessi and I know eachother from going to the same grade school. I've actually kept in touch with a few folks from SJL, and a couple of them showed up - which I will forever be grateful for. From left to right is Sara, Miles, Trent, Me and Jessi.

Good looking bunch, eh?

Well, let me try to tie everything together for you here because not only did I go to gradeschool with those folks, but Sara, Miles, Trent and I also went to the same high school. Sara's part the "8 Girls" group that I hung out with for the majority of my time at WLHS. Even though a lot of us have moved out of Wisconsin, I was still lucky to have about half of the girls show up to the game and support me as a game host! Unfortunately, Liz (on the far right) lost her ID, so she couldn't come to the Ale House with us!

I mentioned that Quinn and I were game hosting together - so we had to get a photo together with our "handler" - Theresa!

A few other girls - one that I've worked with at the Admirals - came out, too! Sydney and Kayla were both on my softball team over the summer, as well, and they are gems of human beings. I feel like we always take good pictures, too   

Later that night, a few of us hopped over to RWB. Adam and I wanted to go because his friend, Chris, graduated from MSOE! Yayyyy for adulting! I always enjoy hanging out with his wife, Ashley, because she dances like me when sober, too. What a peach.

On Sunday, Adam and I scooted out to Richfield to feast on the incredible meal my mom put together for my birthday. I decided to have a "cheat day" on my vegetarianism to see if I could eat beef roast, so she made hot beef sandwiches, apple and strawberry dip, homemade chip dip, cheesy potatoes, chocolate eclairs, broccoli salad and so much more. Everything was delicious! Even though I knew after I was halfway through my hot beef sandwich that it wasn't a good idea, I finished every bit of that sucker...and paid for it that night.

Even though we were completely stuffed after leaving my parents, Adam wanted to stop and upgrade his phone. By the time we got out of the cell phone store (because I will to this day think that buying a cell phone is just as harsh of a process as buying a car), we were a little hungry. Adam was craving steak, so we hopped over to Cooper's Hawk....low and behold: Adam became the newest member of the wine club. Not that I'm complaining...

The funny part was that I was yelling at Adam for constantly playing with his new phone at the table. What he was really doing was typing a message on Snapchat for the waitress to read, asking if she could bring us creme brulee for my birthday. I felt like an idiot after she brought it out, and Adam explained what he was doing...But he still let me eat the dessert   

You are probably wondering - "Shan, I thought you had a brother?" Well, you're correct! However, those lucky ducks (him and his family) were in Disney World!! And yes, my big brother remembered to call me on my birthday, and my sister-in-law was sweet enough to send me this video of my niece:

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