30 Chores Kids and Teens Can Do For Thanksgiving

The holiday season can be very stressful.  even more so if you are the one hosting people at your house.  Any extra hands you get are welcome.  This year instead of stressing yourself out this year here's an idea: Get the kids on board. While some Thanksgiving tasks, like carving the turkey or whipping up a tasty cocktail, are better left to the grownups, there are plenty of other ways children can help out. Plus, experts say it's a really good idea for the both of you.

Some studies have shown doing chores can help tp develop your child's self esteem.  So giving the kiddos something to do this year can be a win win for everyone.  And let's face it time in and around the kitchen is great quality time spent.

Women's Day put out this great list of things


Click the image above to see the full list.

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