That New Jersey couple and homeless man made the whole story up!

I still see people share this original, "sweet" story ... and it makes me so angry.

If you didn't see this floating around on Facebook, a New Jersey woman claimed she ran out of gas, and a homeless man approached her. He told her to stay in the car and lock her doors, and that he would go get her gas with his last $20.

The woman told her story online, and started a GoFundMe account for the homeless man with a $10K goal. It then went viral, and they raised over $400K.

Then, the story took a dark turn. The homeless man took the woman and her boyfriend to court, claiming they were not giving him the full amount raised online by thousands of good Samaritans. 

Think that's bad? It's come out now that both the couple AND the homeless man made the whole thing up

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