Best Deer Hunting Parody Song

It's that time of year, when thousands are out chasin' trophy deer...  Kinda sounds like the start to that one song? Hmmm...

This year we wanted to search out some updated options for you to get ready for the annual fall harvest of venison.

Last year hunters in Wisconsin killed 197,733 deer in the nine-day gun season, including 99,002 bucks and 98,731 antlerless deer, according to DNR records.  Still however, the number of hunters is continuing to dwindle  and was the lowest in 41 years.

Reports from across the state point to a good year with a lot of deer sightings the last few weeks, "fueling enthusiasm of good prospects for Wisconsin’s deer hunting seasons in 2018," the DNR said in its preseason report.

So if you're headed out for one of the states oldest traditions fire up this new hunting song, parading Billy Currington's "Pretty Good At Drinkin Beer"... which in itself is quite the perfect deer hunt camp song.

Or for a more fun twist on things here's a hilarious Macklemore parody.

Wisconsin's 9 day gun deer season opens at dawn November 17th.

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