Top 5 Cutest Animated Christmas Characters

With all of the Holiday movies on TV, it got me thinking about my favorite animated one...  "Nestor the Long Eared Donkey"! HE'S THE CUTEST AND NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS AND IT PAINS ME. IT PAINS ME SO!!!! LOOK AT THOSE EARS AND THOSE BIG EYES OH MY GOSH NO ONE CAN TOP HIM EVER!

I went around the office/studios to poll my fellow coworkers/friends on who they think is the cutest Christmas animated character in all the land. Sadly, no one brought up Nestor. What a joke. But .... we did narrow it down to the Top 5.

Coming in at #5 is our favorite melty dude .... Frosty the Snowman! His thumps, his thumps, his adorable snowy thumps have our hearts bump bumpin' every holiday season! 

#4 is man's, or should I say, Grinch's best friend .... Max! Talk about loyal .... he knew his main green dude was bad news, but he stuck by his side all the way. And regardless of what Grinch movie is your favorite (if you say the Jim Carrey version is the best, then your opinions are garbage to me, but that's for another time), Max is always the cutest Christmas canine. 

#3 is not only super cute, but he's also one motivated little elf. Hermey didn't let his fellow elves get him down when he wanted to be a dentist. He was killin' the game with that slick haircut too.... he's a pre-non-diva-Bieber.

It was a very close race, but #2 on our list is little Cindy Lou Who. She was only 2, but she had a ton to say when it came to schooling the Grinch on what Christmas is all about. THE ORNAMENT IS ALMOST HALF HER SIZE .... SHE'S SUCH AN ITTY BITTY!

Some may protest #1 because it's technically 2 characters ... but they go hand in hand! The big winners of our poll are Rudolph and his lady Clarice! She loved him from the beginning ... even with his plugged up nose sounding voice. And her eyelashes are on FLEEK (are the kids still saying that?)! 

Don't like my list? Let me know your favorites! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - @RadioGal716 

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