Proper Etiquette When Sending out Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t love this time of year, when some of the mail is actually fun to open! Maybe a loving card from your family and friends! Or a gift!  Makes sorting through the bills and junk mail worth it.

Many of you have your own personal traditions when they sending out Christmas cards, but there are still some rules everyone should observe to make sure your holiday cards are full of perfectly articulated cheer. 

Her View From Home came up with this cheat sheet to help you out...

7 tips for Proper Etiquette When Sending out Christmas Cards

1. Be aware of which cards are going to which families. Some people prefer to send out generic “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” cards to everyone on their lists, but sending out cards that are more personalized is also nice. If your family celebrates Christmas, by all means send Christmas cards. But make sure Christmas cards don’t get sent to people who don’t celebrate it. Keep each card appropriate to the recipient.

2. Mail your cards as early as possible, but not more than a week before Thanksgiving. Ideally you want your cards to arrive in early or mid December. While sending them too early is not the best scenario, keep in mind that the post office is extremely busy this time of year and you don’t want your cards to arrive after Christmas day. I know not all of us are always that organized. I have many customers that send out New Year’s Cards to make sure they spread their Holiday Cheer even if they couldn’t make the Christmas deadline. I am pretty sure that is what ours will be this year!

3. Use your own handwriting wherever possible, especially on the outside of the envelopes and signatures inside the cards. This will give your cards a personal touch and show that you care enough to take a few minutes and give each card some attention. If you have a few more minutes, take time to do some fancy calligraphy (or fake calligraphy) on your envelopes. I love when a letter is mailed and it looks like a piece of art before I even get to the real show piece.

4. Include your return address on all cards. The return address serves many purposes. First, the recipient will know who the card is from right away. Also, it ensures that they have your current address every year and they can use it to send a card back to you if they haven’t already. I love making return addresses part of the originality of the card. Creating a wrap around label specifically designed for your card is a great way to add that extra touch that sets your cards apart from the rest of the mail!

5. Don’t send e-cards as a substitute for real cards. A Christmas card should be an act of generosity with a personal touch. If all you have to do was click a link to send a card out, it no longer evokes the feeling of traditional winter cheer. It’s easy to get affordable Christmas cards from your favorite local design or print shop or there are great online options these days. Many shops have pre-designed cards for you to chose from or they can create something custom for you!

6. When sending Christmas cards to business associates, send it to their offices unless you also know them socially. If you haven’t been introduced to their families, keep the cards professional. Sign the cards with a note from you personally, but reserve the family photo cards for your friends and relatives.

7. When sending cards to co-workers, mail the cards to their homes rather than handing them out in the office. This is more personal, and avoids conflict in case you don’t have cards for everyone. It also has a more traditional feel when your card arrives along with everyone else’s in an addressed envelope.

Well that is it! The holidays are all about love and celebrating with your family and friends! Send out your Christmas card this year with confidence! Don’t forget to add that personal touch to show your loved ones how much you care!

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