Shan's Weekend in Pictures - 11/2

Another weekend in the books and already halfway through the new week! Sorry, I'll be better about posting these things a little earlier because I'm sure most people don't even remember what they had for dinner last night, but I've been having busy weekends lately with fun, big events - so I don't forget much these days!

On Friday night, I was able to attend a Milwaukee Admirals game for FUN! It was nice being able to sit with Adams parents, my friend, Krysta, and her adorable little buddy, Julia (who she nannies for), rather than running around conducting game host things. I LOVE being a game host for the Admirals - but being a fan for the night was a blast, too! Especially since it was the "Teddy Bear Toss" game where when the Ads score their first goal, everyone throws a stuffed animal onto the ice to be collected and given to police officers to offer children going through traumatic experiences. I had a purple dinosaur - and no, it wasn't Barney. I have to admit, it was very difficult for me to part ways with him, especially since this adorable child was sitting next to me, and I really just wanted to give it to her, but nonetheless, I threw my dinosaur...which hit the net and dropped on a fan, missing the ice. He was kind enough to push it over...whoops!

I went home right after the game because I had a big day to gear up for on Saturday! I spent my entire day and night celebrating the wedding bliss of two lovely individuals: Hannah and John. I work with Hannah at the station, and she had enough confidence in me to ask if I would photograph their wedding. Without hesitation, I of course said yes, and it was a fantastic day - especially because the whole thing happened in Richfield!

The majority of the pictures were taken at Holy Hill, which is one of my favorite spots to take photos, and I think they look great!

Since I was attending a wedding with someone from work, I was able to see a few of my best friends that I had worked with in previous years, and I was so excited!! Naturally, we had to snag a picture...but I don't know who decided to join our group in the second picturehaha. 

On Sunday, I went to Holey Moley Donuts downtown because Adam had never experienced the goodness of these majestic cake donuts. He got a Lemon Blueblerry glazed with a Maple Bacon of sorts, and I went for my usual: vanilla glazed chocolate. I'm not a big donut person, but I can eat those things like candy.

Later that night, we had our first Friendsgiving of the year! My lovely friend, Liz, and her husband, Jesse, hosted the evening in Cedarburg, and it was so much fun to just hang out, see a few friends and meet a couple of new faces! The little boy in the picture was a ball of energy and gave Jesse a workout after dinner, chasing him around the apartment. This was the funniest thing to watch because Jesse would try to block him by putting chairs in his way, but little man kept finding ways around them all!

Final thing you need to know, Friendsgiving was in Cedarburg, so yes, of course, Adam and I had to stop at Amy's Apples before we drove home. We both got sprinkles with carmel and realized that had been the third time that week that we went to Amy's. We hardly ever get up to Cedarburg, so we make it a point to go when we do, but apparently, the place was our second home last week! No regrets. 

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