Why "People" got it right with their Sexiest Man Alive 2018

Be still my heart .... People magazine got it SO RIGHT this year with their Sexiest Man Alive. I'm a big fan of his (hi, have you seen him?), so I present you with a list on why I totally back their decision this year with this guy.

Idris Elba is one of the most gorgeous humans on the planet, AND he's super funny! 

Remember when he was the boss on "The Office"? 

Or what about when he was doing bad things while looking OH SO FLIPPING GOOD on HBO's "The Wire"?

Oh yea AND he's part of the Sexiest Super Squad movies, aka "The Avengers" (originally from the "Thor" movies but let's not get technical k? This is my fan girl blog... MINE).

Let's get back to that voice too ... it's creepy to get turned on by an animated character, BUT NOW WHEN HIS VOICE IS AS SMOOTH AS MR. ELBA'S!

Let's put his looks to the side for a second (I know, it's hard to do after I've presented you with so much beauty already), but he also cares for other people and uses his celebrity status for good.

Idris Elba has worked with UK Parliament to help in their efforts to put an end to Ebola from West Africa.

And here he is, ladies & gentleman (because I know even you heterosexual dudes are attracted to this masterpiece of a human).... your 2018 Sexiest Man Alive!

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