Shan's Weekend in Pictures - 10/26

I realized this is way overdue, but I had a lot of fun last weekend, so I wanted to make sure and record everything that happened - even if this monster of a cold was starting to get to me.

On Friday night, I actually went out to celebrate Halloween. If you know me, this never happens because for the past few years (and pretty much for all and eternity since I started working) I've had shifts. Well, my best friend and former roommate, Jessi, had a party at her place.

I went over on Thursday to help start decorating, so I showed up early Friday, too! She had the place decked out in spider webs and drinks, like "Hocus Pocus." Had some fun there, went over to Whiskey Bar, and I left about twenty minutes after that because I was zonked. I DID happen to get one picture, though! I was Rachel Green from Friends, and Jessi was a unicorn!

Saturday was an easy day (and unforutnately - I didn't snag any pictures, sorry!). I got to train Quinn, who you hear in the afternoons, at the Milwaukee Admirals game! This will be her first season as a game host, and we tag-teamed Saturday night. Things went well, so we drove out to Lakefront to celebrate with beer and cheese curds. :)

On Sunday, Adam and I made plans with friends to drive out to Cedarburg for a photoshoot which was so much fun. Adam and I stopped for lunch at Bel Air before and had some time to kill, so we stopped at the Lighthouse because Adam had never been!

We planned to do a pumpkin patch, but everything was looking real sad, so we went to Cedarburg because Tyler and Ange had never been to Amy's Apples (which has become one of our favorite places). So, we stopped at the park, snapped a few pics - which, this is one of of the most adorable couples you'll ever see. And then, we walked over to Amy's!

Mind you, I had an assistant for this shoot because Adam was along...or so he told me. Instead of helping, he actually ended up in more pictures with a creepy stance in the background. BUT - we did manage to get a few solid options. Sorry, couldn't choose just one...

Then, I asked Tyler, "Hey, would you mind taking a picture of Adam and me?" This is what I ended up with... The struggle is real.

After we went to Amy's Apples (see below), we went home and carved pumpkins. No pictures were taken because mine turned out horribly. Here's the problem - when you only have an hour to de-gutify and draw and cut, it's a lot of pressure! So...I ended up throwing mine out.

Thankfully, I had that apple to cheer me up! I get just sprinkles...can't go wrong with that! I think there was an M&M apple in our bunch, but for the most part, we don't get too crazy with our options.

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