Dan O'Donnell's "Making A Murderer" season 2 rebuttal

Dan O'Donnell from our sister station WISN put out the most popular original podcast ever on our iHeartRadio app a few years ago when "Making A Murderer" first hit Netflix ... and it's called "Rebutting A Murderer".

He covered the trial at his previous job, and I love his perspective on the entire case. He also went to law school, so yes .... he actually knows what he's talking about. You can get more on that here from my previous podcast with Dan.

He has put episodes 1 through 5 out of "Rebutting A Murderer" season 2 on our iHeartRadio app, and all of the information he provides is MIND BLOWING! The fact that people can still side with the Avery camp is unbelievable after you hear the other side of things.

Here's what Dan & I talked about today .... wait til you get to the tattoo part of the Brendan Dassey interrogation! You can also search "An Energy Bar In A Headband" on our free iHeartRadio app on your phone if it's easier for you to listen to there.

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