Is it ok to save one of these for a friend?

I won't say where I went, but last night, we went out to eat at a place in downtown Milwaukee where they only have one very small parking lot (which is also for other businesses close by). There's also limited street parking nearby as well.

When we got there, a car was pulling out of the lot, so we waited a couple of minutes to take their spot. They weren't moving, which was odd, so we circled around to find another spot farther away on a side street.

We started walking up to the restaurant, and saw a woman standing in the spot that we were waiting for. Shortly after, another car of her friends pulled into the spot.

I found it pretty annoying of her to just stand in a spot to save it for her friends. The only time, personally, that I think it's ok to do that is if you're tailgating at a game or show because you want your friends to come in next to you ... but I think there is a time limit on that.

Do you think it's ok to hold a parking spot at a busy restaurant??? I know there's bigger fish to fry, and we didn't let it affect our dinner .... but it just kinda annoyed me.

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