Shan's Weekend in Pictures - 10/19

It was a crazy, long weekend that started on Wednesday for me! Adam was standing up as the best man in a wedding in Galena on Friday afternoon, and we decided to leave a little early, so we could get an extra night in and stop by New Glarus. Can you believe neither of us had ever been?! 

It was nice that the weather was sunny and warm enough that we could sit outside in the Biergarten! First, of course, we did the tour - which is only a walking tour unless you go on Friday. I have to say, I wasn't really impressed, but we went at a bad time. Everything was being cleaned, such as the bottling station, so we didn't see much in action. However, it's always nice to know the building is sanitary, right?

We stopped by the gift shop, bought a few things, and of course - we had to get a pint before we hit the road again! I went with their seasonal fruit beer which had some cranberry and apple taste to it. It was delicious but definitely too sweet for a full glass. 

While we were at the gift shop, I saw honey sticks out of the corner of my eye. I have been craving those things ever since fall hit, and Adam had no idea what I was talking about. STICKS FULL OF HONEY?! How could that not be pleasurable for anyone?!?!

When we went outside to drink our beer, I kind of forced Adam into a photoshoot. I had my camera and tripod, so why wouldn't I take advantage of the opportunity?! He's going to hate me for posting these, but chances are, he might not click on this link ;) 

After New Glarus, we made our way to Galena and had a solid Italian dinner at Vinny Vanucchi's. If you know anything about Adam and myself, you know we're always craving fettuccine (I got that from my mom). 

That was pretty much the only time we got downtown, aside from the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. BUT - one thing I will tell you: we stayed at Eagle Ridge Resort because that's where the wedding was, and we got to stay in an actual tree house! It was so cool. You had to walk down a trail from your car in order to get there. And with Galena being surround by gorgeous trees, the colors were pretty neat. The place even had a fireplace, so it was nice and toasty!

On Thursday, the guys all went golfing, so I hung out with the bride and a few members of her crew. I didn't know a soul outside of the bride and groom at this wedding (and Adam's parents, but they wouldn't get there until later on Friday). I felt like I was welcomed in so early, and I had an absolute blast that ended up with me at the bar with the bride's parents, her neighbor, the groom's mom and her sister. And here Adam was worried about me having stuff to do   

We went downtown for the rehearsal dinner, and I spent the majority of the night talking with the groom's uncle about sports, country music and whatever else. Once people got word that I was on the air for a country radio station, I had a lot of conversation...I guess it's ok to use my job as an ice breaker every now and then, right?!

Friday comes and wedding day is here. I got a new dress from Loft for 40% off, and it worked perfectly! I hate anything too short or too low cut, so I was happy to have a reasonable length, high collar and sleeves. I was ready for a quick photo op, especially with the scenery.

Jake (groom) and Marie (bride) had a really cool set up for their wedding where the significant others could sit with their dates in the bridal party! That also means - because I was at the head table, I got to eat first. The food was SO GOOD. I was surprised because usually hotel and resort catering is iffy, but the couple had a carving station, pasta bar, mashed potato bar (which included sweet potatoes!)...I was in heaven.

After the meal, dueling pianos started for entertainment...Yes, I said DUELING PIANOS. What a trip. I love live music, so I think there may have been a total of fours songs throughout the entire night that I sat out - mainly for the health and well-being of my feet. And you can bet, I made Adam stand out there with me the entire night. He didn't even make fun of me for flossing on the dance floor!

On Saturday morning, Adam and I had to hustle out of town because we both had to work. At least my job was a little more fun because I got to go to the Milwaukee County Zoo for Halloween Spooktacular and host the costume contest! My siblings and a few of their friends showed up with the kids, and of course, the first thing that my brother says is: I don't get it. He was talking about my costume and asked what I was. That sent me into a panic, and I continued to ask a bunch of people if they knew what I was attempting to be for Halloween. A few correct answers settled my nerves. Mainly because I created my costume from a sweater I got at Good Will. I put some pipe cleaners through the sweater, put a few pink pieces of felt on my head, and BOOM. Call me a cactus. 

Here I am with my neice, Lacey. Excuse me, I mean, "Dash."

Back to Chicago I go for the Admirals game on Sunday! My friend, Angela, and I drove down to check out the outlet mall by the rink first. She scored a few things, and I ended up with a sub par falafel wrap, but I'm not complaining.

Admirals ended up taking the Wolves out in shoot out. It made the drive home a little easier knowing that the day wasn't wasted. 

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