Women Crushing It Wednesday: Kerri from the Princeton Club

I've recently started working out more in the morning, and let me tell you ... IT IS EXHILARATING! 

I used to do a Morning Show for 5 years prior coming to here, so I always worked out after work. But this whole before thing is like a cup of coffee blasted right into my veinssssss!

I've been going to the Princeton Club, so I thought it would be cool to bring one of their awesome trainers in for Women Crushing It Wednesday! Kerri Jokala, one of their trainers and group class instructors came by for it.

Not only is Kerri working at the gym, but she is also a mom, a singer, and a DJ for events!

We talked about which ladies she looks to for fitness goals, how we need to be a little more careful about the foods we're putting into our bodies, and her recent interest in leaky gut syndrome. It sounds gross, but it's actually really interesting!

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