Shan's Weekend in Pictures 10/5

It was another fun-filled weekend with lots of happenings! When I got off on Friday, I tried to race home to get a good nap in before my long night, but no such luck.

That's fine because it was all fun things, so I can't complain! As I've talked on the show before, I'm a member of the Young Alumni Leadership Council at my high school (Wisconsin Lutheran). Basically, we're just trying to get alumni more involved, and Wisco's homecoming football game was on Friday night, so I volunteered to work the Alumni tent and hand out T-Shirts. I roped my friend, Sara, into working with me (what a gem, eh?). You may recognize her because I usually run the Milwaukee Brewers 5K with her every year.

Anyways, it was nice to see a few alumni that I recognized and meet some new ones. Plus - everyone was just excited to be at the game because the Brewers were winning, the weather wasn't too bad (aside from a mosquito or two) - and we had free stuff! 

We stayed through halftime to meet up with our friend, Holly, watch homecoming court and cheer on the band. But then, Sara and I had to dash downtown to Glass & Griddle because our friend was celebrating her birthday! By the time we got there, everyone had finished eating, but we still had time to get these pretzel cheese curd things which were pretty good.

I have never been to Glass & Griddle. In fact, I had never heard of Glass & Griddle until Friday night. As we walked up to the Milwaukee Brewing Co. complex near Pabst (that's where the restaurant is), we just stared in awe at our surroundings because if there's any part of Milwaukee that's fun to look at, it's that area with the old stone and historical buildings. Then, as you walk into restaurant, everything's super modern and whatnot, but that's besides the point. Ok, I know you're dying to know what I had to drink: Mudpuppy Porter. Ridder's taste in beer has rubbed off on me. It's crazy to think that just two years ago, I didn't drink beer...and if I had to, it was just Corona! 

After we finished up at dinner, we wandered down to Old Third to hang out at the Old German Beer Hall, which is always so much fun! The performers must have been in their sixties or seventies, and they were as lively as the crowd! Tearing up every song from Michael Jackson to Abba to old school tunes with Frank Sinatra. It was a great way to end the night!

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to get to our sister stations breast cancer walk. The V100.7 Sista Strut happens every year at Estabrook Park, and every year, I'm always impressed how well everyone handles the weather circumstances. This year, the park was full of mud. So much, in fact, that I wore my new running shoes from Endurance House Delafield that I got right before my race - dummy me - I took one step onto park grounds, stood there for two minutes and turned back around to my car. Thank goodness I had my rain boots! I actually had to wash my running shoes even with the little time that I was in them (well, my parents washed them. Thanks, mom and dad!)

Regardless, we had a blast working the event, anyways. In fact, Han and I kind of had some fun slushing through the mud!

I had a chance to scoot out to Brookfield to meet my parents for lunch at the pizza place at The Corners of Brookfield, Grimaldis. We had a pizza with a white garlic sauce, which was fantastic! Before sitting down, my mom and I opened my dad's eyes to the world of Von Maur. I think he was just impressed there was someone playing piano in the store! 

Later that night, Han and I went for tacos (what else is new) and Lyfted over to The Riverside for the Brett Eldredge show! To keep things short, I was actually more excited to see Abby Anderson and Devin Dawson than Brett (although, it's been a while since hearing from him, so it was nice to see him in action). If you want my full review of the concert, click here!

It was pretty cool to experience a local couple get engaged on the side of the stage. I've always seen videos of this stuff happening, but I've never been at a concert for one. Congrats to Domenica and Josh!

Sunday was a low-key enjoyable day BECAUSE I was ecstatic to be able to watch the Brewer game because I was going home to my parents' house because, well, they have cable. But, before that happened, I had a nice little engagement shoot with my friends Stef and Ryan. They were laughing pretty much the entire time, so it was such a blast to hang with them at Grant Park for a bit. I'm still editing the photos, but I think we got a few good ones!

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