You've been pronouncing "Ikea" wrong this whole time!

Your mind is about to be blown, because you've probably been saying these words and names wrong this whole time!

You love that low price furniture and those meatballs from Ikea, but you probably just read that as "EYE-key-UH" right? It's actually pronounced "eye-KAY-uh".

We were just talking about how you say "Porsche" in a meeting here the other day, and I always thought it was just one syllable. WRONG-O! It's just like Ellen Degeneres' wife's name... "POOR-SHUH". But really... if you're buying one of those, you can call it whatever you want with a price tag like that!

Another one I enjoyed on this list... Chrissy Teigen. We've ALL been saying "Tee-gen" this whole time, but it's really "Tie-gen". Regardless, follow her on Instagram and Twitter because she's super entertaining.

Check out more words/names you've probably been pronouncing incorrectly here!

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