Lambeau Field, Milwaukee Public Market, and The Fonz - My Weekend

Oh man .... what a wonderful weekend! My parents, Jim & Cath, came into town to visit, AND to cheer on the Bills at Lambeau Field! Now let's be clear ... my family cheers for the Packers whenever they're not playing the Bills. SO STOP YELLING AT ME OK EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Before we get to Sunday though, I have to tell you how cool taking this Milwaukee Historic Boat Tour was with the Milwaukee Cruise Line! I was excited to play tourist with my parents, and right before we went on the boat ... we paid the Bronze Fonz a visit!

I know I'm only putting up one ... but this weekend was a TWO thumbs up one for sure!

And now .... to the game. Man oh man ... Lambeau Field is freaking beautiful, isn't it? It's the kind of place that you get chills just walking in. A couple of times during the game, well mostly because the Bills were sucking and I was angry at them and had to take my mind off of it but THAT'S FOR ANOTHER DAY BECAUSE RIGHT NOW WE'RE BEING SUPER HAPPY, I just looked around and smiled from ear to ear. Also, Packers fans are pretty great ... not one person gave us a hard time for wearing Bills stuff (where we were 3 of 4 Bills fans in the whole section it felt like). Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. No one gave us grief either for losing 22-0 ... but I think that was because they all felt pretty bad for us. 

Definitely reminded me of my hometown, the Buffalove.

These girls, who I learned through our Facebook page are Angela and Amber, had the funniest sign/outfits at the game ... so clever, right?! It really was amazing to finally see Aaron Rodgers in the flesh ... dude is a beast.

After travelling to Green Bay, we were pretty exhausted, so we headed home for the rest of the night. The next day though, we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. The original plan was to go to Discovery World, but fun fact ... it's closed on Mondays. So off to the MPM we went!

I thought, "Ok, this is just like any other museum, right?" But NO, MY FRIEND ... I WAS WRONG. This place is flipping magical. The exhibits were all really cool (including the history of Milwaukee, and duh the Dinosaurs were bomb), and the best part was the butterfly enclosure. 

My Mama Cath is one of the kindest humans you will ever meet, so I wasn't surprised that this butterfly flocked (do butterflies flock? whatever) to her.

A very sweet man who volunteers at the Museum was in the bug section, and had some of the critters out. I politely declined (ok let's be honest, I quickly walked past him, did not make eye contact, and yelled, "NO THANK YOU, SIR" from about 15 feet away). My dad though was up for the challenge, and held this nasty I mean misunderstood cockroach.

All that walking (we were there for 3 hours ... THREE. HOURS. It was glorious) got us feeling all sorts of hungry, so I took the parentals over to one of my favorite favorite favorite places in Milwaukee ... the Public Market. The fish market there never freaking disappoints. We got scallops, a fish fry, and fried clam tacos .... and a Lobster Roll to go (not pictured, ya animal). Don't judge us.

It's funny how when you're in high school, you're so ready to leave home and your parents and go off to college or have some other sort of adventure on your own ... but then when you're older, you really appreciate them and everything they have done for you. I'm so happy I could have this weekend with them, and yea I totally had a mini cry sesh after I dropped them off at the airport.

So I guess this is me telling you to call your parents ... tell them how great they are, and spend time with them, ya freaking hooligan ... they put up with all of your B.S., so be good to them, k?

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