Women Crushing It Wednesday: Meg McKenzie from 95-7 BIG FM!

Ya know how sometimes you meet someone that is so flipping talented and is super good looking and you're like, "I AM NOT WORTHY" ? That's how I felt about Meg McKenzie from our sister station 95-7 BIG FM when I first met her. Ok, let's be honest .... I still feel that way, as does almost every one in this building. Except now, I don't feel intimidated because I am happy to call this lady a friend. She is so supportive of those around her, and she loves supporting women in this industry in particular.

Meg is the kind of person who isn't afraid to speak her mind, and she will ask for what she deserves. In a world where people sometimes perceive women who ask for things as "pushy", but call men who do it "inspiring", I'm glad to have a lady like Meg around who doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks, and freaking goes for it like a champ.

This week for Women Crushing It Wednesday, we talked about how Meg started out in the industry (yes, she actually picked up a phone and cold called radio stations ... and it worked!), her 4 children (and how one of them is even her own Woman Crushing It Wednesday every day), and how she's happy to see women in radio and other industries starting to really take charge & get noticed.



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