Morgan Evans' "Day Drunk" sounds a lot like this fun pop song!

Morgan Evans will be here in Milwaukee on October 26th as a part of Chris Young's Losing Sleep Tour along with Dan & Shay. Of course we all know his hit song "Kiss Somebody", but have you heard his new one "Day Drunk"?

I instantly liked it the first time I heard it, and I couldn't put my finger on what it sounded like for the longest time. And then .... it came to me ...

First, if you haven't heard Morgan's new song, listen to it below or at least the chorus before you scroll down to what I think it sounds like.

And here we are.... hopefully you made your own conclusions before reading mine.

I think "Day Drunk" sounds JUST LIKE Flo Rida's hit song "My House"! Let me be clear ... this is a compliment because Flo's song is catchy af (are we still saying "af" by the way? my friend was asking).

If you don't know the song I am referring to, YOU ARE IN LUCK BECAUSE IT IS BELOW FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE.

Morgan ... Flo Rida ... if you're reading this, I think a live mash up performance of your songs is the least you could do for us all.

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