Shan's Weekend in Pictures 9/21

Another weekend has come and gone, and I'll be honest with you...this is the first time that I didn't take enough photos. Well, I took a ton, but of one of my friends. We'll get into that in a little bit...

Friday and Saturday, I was basically in isolation because I had to cover our iHeart Radio Music Festival on social media, and let's face it - I didn't want to expose the world to what I do to entertain myself when I'm stuck inside the same four walls for more than 24 hours. It's a lot of cleaning; a lot of playing guitar (pretending I'm a rockstar) and a lot of cooking / dancing around to old Italian music. I kid you not.

Anyways, Sunday I managed to have some fun with my best friend. If you've listened to the show, you've heard her name because she was my roommate in Wauwatosa, and like I said, Jessi's been my best friend since four years old. We decided to do a little photoshoot yesterday (well, I basically forced her into taking seniors photos haha), so we went to the bridge by the swing park and the North Ave Hill which is one of my favorite spots ever to take photos. If you haven't been, check it out! It overlooks the entire city of Milwaukee. 

I was super excited with how some of the photos turned out, and she'll kill me for putting these here, but Jessi's one of the easiest people to photograph, so that always helps.

Later that night, I was waiting for Adam to drive back into Milwaukee from being out of town for work. I met up with a few of my friends from high school at Up Down - which is the new arcade bar right off of Brady and Water. The place was actually pretty cool. I have to drive past it to go anywhere, and it always seems like the two decks are crowded as ever, but the inside had a ton of games - whether that's Pac Man, Donkey Kong or Skee-ball. It was just nice to see some old friends that I never get to visit with.

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