Kramer's entrance in every "Seinfeld" episode (VIDEO)

People are always confused when I say, "I've never watched 'Top Gun' or any Tom Cruise movie for that matter" ... but they would straight up look at me like I have boiled hot dogs growing out of my ears when I would say, "And I've never watched 'Seinfeld'."

I finally gave in to one of those things, and started bingewatching "Seinfeld" a couple months back on Hulu ... and I'm so glad I did!

Kramer is my favorite, with Elaine being a very close second (side note: I can't wait for "Veep" to come back!). I told my friend Brett Andrews from 97-3 Now about my new obsession, and he sent me this video of every entrance by Kramer on the show in chronological order.

When I first saw that the video was 6 minutes long, I was thinking "Ok, I love Kramer... but this is a little long". Let me tell you, it goes by so quickly, and you won't be able to look away.

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