Justin Timberlake, Susan G. Komen, and "Maniac" - My Weekend!

Oh hey it's me telling you about my super fun weekend that involved my favorite pop star of all time ... MOTHER FLIPPING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, YA'LL!

My friend Lisa here at work won these AMAZING spots on the floor at the Fiserv Forum from Verizon for the big JT show. I think my heart jumped out of my chest when she originally asked me if I wanted to go because he is what my pop loving dreams are made of.

I have gone to see Justin on every tour he's ever been on (including all N Sync tours ... but at the time, JC was my dude over Justin), except for the Justified/Stripped Tour with Christina Aguilera that I still kick myself over missing (I was working at Aeropostale and couldn't get the night off .... #FAILURE).

This past Friday night was nothing short of magical. I kid you not that I teared up like an absolute loser when "Filthy" started, and he graced us with his presence.

I tried reaching out to him on several occasions because as I just told you, I am a gigantic loser, but no touch back .... I know, I'm just as surprised as you are.

I have to say though, and I will be venting about this later on today on my show, I was very disappointed in a lot of the people around me. As I was busting out some super stellar white girl dance moves, I noticed that the majority of the people around me were not singing, or dancing, or having a great time in general. YOU'RE AT A JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SHOW.... WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE?!? "Sexy Back" came on, and you would think it was a ballad from his new album that people had never heard before. C'MON NOW, BRAH!

Saturday night, I couldn't take any pictures at this (comedy) show, but I surprised my husband with 10th row Hannibal Buress tickets at the Riverside. He was hilarious (and I especially loved how he talked about his arrest in Miami), and his openers were very funny too. What a gorgeous venue too! 

Sunday it was time for the Susan G. Komen More Than Pink Walk, and I helped welcome back the walkers with my friends Bailey Coleman from V100 and Dave Michaels from the Rahny Taylor Morning Show on 97-3 Now. The event itself was put together so well, and everyone was in such a great mood while walking for the cause. 

After the Komen Walk, I raced home to catch the Buffalo Bills game (my hometown dudes) .... and Green Bay fans, how happy were you with my team?!? They ended up beating the Vikings 27-6, but next week at Lambeau should be interesting. My parents will be flying in from the homeland for the game, so hopefully the Bills at least hold their own!

We closed out the weekend by binge watching 7 out of the 10 episodes of "Maniac" on Netflix. I am a huge Emma Stone fan, so I was really looking forward to the show. Emma & Jonah Hill are incredible in it, but it's a little on the weird side.. intriguing, but weird. If you like shows like "West World", then you will love this one!

I also dabbled in this one starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban because I love them both SO MUCH, but I am here to tell you that you should probably skip "The Good Cop". The acting isn't great and the script is pretty corny.

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