11 Times We Were Concerned for Brett Eldredge's neck

To me, Brett Eldredge is one of the dreamist of the dreamiest country stars out there, but I happened to notice a little pattern with his pictures.

He seems to clutch his neck quite a bit, or props it up with an item.... or his dog Edgar (my favorite pet to follow on Instagram besides my cats Sharknado & Olivia Wilde).

I present to you a huge waste of my time but also a great use of it because both Brett & Edgar are beautiful.... 11 times we were all a little concerned about Brett Eldredge's possible neck pain.

Here he is clutching his hair to semi keep his neck up but not touching poop. Also, I would like one of those hats, but 716 instead. (ok so I get it he's clutching the hat but it looked like his hair so just stop)

A baseball bat does not seem like a comfortable neck rest.... can someone get this dude a MLB pillow already?!? Also... Fenway? You're better than that, Eldredge. Signed, A Yankee.

That glass of white wine looks delicious, as does Brett, but Edgar has a HELP ME face on.... or maybe he just wants a treat?

Are you going to stuff that swordfish after and make it into a pillow or nah?

Poor Edgar again....

I hope you Lysol wiped that phone before putting your face on it, Mister...

This is the one that inspired this blog, and is being used for his tour poster right now (he'll be at The Riverside Theater on 10/6!).

Not sure if he's trying to smell his own arm pit, check out the hole in his sleeve, or rest his head.

His smirk & his white t-shirt .... mmm mmm mmmmm ... he looks pretty handsome here ... but also in a little bit of pain.

I vote that he goes to a Chiropractor STAT. 

And last but not least ... I can't help but STAIR at the crick in his neck.

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