This tshirt is causing quite a stir, and rightfully so!

Ya know how sometimes you see something a business is selling, or a slogan, or a commercial and you think to yourself... "WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!?!?!"

Well, this is definitely one of those instances.

Online retailer Revolve posted this sweatshirt up on it's website.... and the type read BEING FAT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. IT'S AN EXCUSE.

Also... it's $168 which to me is almost equally as insulting.

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😮I am literally appalled by this type of message that is not only rooted in deeply ugly human behavior but to see it promoted and monetized in this form is even more upsetting. I found this original post in my forum that was originally shared by @nonairbrushedme from the clothing brand @revolve. I do not support this AT ALL and am deeply disturbed that people are actively sending the message to women to hate themselves and that their value is only in a attainment of a specific physical standard. Ones physical frame is the result of several things and you do not know what someone’s journey is until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Obesity is NOT healthy but moving from an unhealthy state to a balanced state of health that works for you is not an overnight process. It can take years and during those “years” it does not mean that one is full of excuses or not beautiful. Completely disappointed in this brand of marketing 😡😡😡 #notcool #nothanks #rude #fashion #revolve #revolveclothing #bodyshaming #bodyimage #bodypositive #notcute #wow #whatiswrongwithpeople #sowrong

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The company is saying that these went up too early, and that it was suppose to highlight the terrible trolling women get.

I call B.S.

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I heard back from @palomija and she told me she is MORTIFIED about how this quote has been used, and is asking for her quote to be pulled • The brand @lpa responded and they have got @revolve to take down the shots - this is our convo. Problematic marketing = a problem with diversity in the work place. This is still incredibly problematic and an awful attempt at ‘claiming back’ toxic narratives because (in my opinion) it just gives them power by putting them back into the world and at a £162 price tag. The designs went up to XL, so the women who this tee is supposed to ‘empower’ probably wouldn’t even fit into one. But at least we got the pics taken down...Ugh.

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