Women Crushing It Wednesday: Shannen O from the Morning Show

(Myself, our friend Chelsey from iHeart in Madison, and the lady who keeps Ridder & Scott in line every morning ... Shannen!)

Sometimes, it's really hard to find good lady friends in the workplace.... and I've been fortunate enough to meet a ton in this building.

Shannen O from our FM106.1 Morning Show is one of them. From the moment I moved here, she has invited me out to dinners, happy hours, and let me tag along with her to Country Thunder. She is a kind (and sometimes old, jkjkjk) soul, and her talent matches her great personality.

This was my longest Women Crushing It Wednesday Podcast, but honestly.... listen to the whole thing. ESPECIALLY if you're feeling a little lost at work right now, and need a reminder that you're not alone. We've ALL been there. Regardless of your line of work, this one will hit home for you.

Oh.... and did I mention that this little ray of sunshine is one third of our CMA AWARD NOMINATED MORNING SHOW?!? As you can see below, from the video sent to me by Scott Dolphin, she was kinda sorta maybe excited to get the news.

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