Hiking, Bills Backer Bar, and Justin Moore - My Wknd in 5 Pics

Again .... this weekend went by so fast with a lot going on! So I bring you another ... My Weekend in 5 Pictures (plus 2 BONUSSSSS videos)!

Some weeks, I struggle to find enough to post .... but this weekend, it was a little crazy!

Saturday, I grabbed brunch with the Mister... and unfortunately we couldn't go to one of our favorite places, Sweet Diner. Well, technically we could, but they had a very limited menu due to the Art Festival going on doing in the Third Ward. Instead, we decided to go to Cafe Benelux which was also good! I got their Eggs Benedict on pretzel bread (with bacon instead of ham), and it was very good! He got this Quinoa bowl which was also really good!

Saturday night, I hung out with Justin Moore backstage for a little bit before his show in the Eagles Ballroom at The Rave, and he is such a nice guy! The crowd was loving his performance, and man was it loud in there!!! The place was packed!

On Sunday morning, we decided to do a little hiking around Lion's Den Gorge in Grafton. It was very pretty regardless of the brown water.... definitely a place I'll have to go back and run at since the ground is nice and soft (#oldknees).

I was super excited for football to finally start, and I was over the moon to find that there is a Buffalo Bills Backer Bar right near us in Walker's Point! Shout out to Steny's Tavern for letting my hometown team invade your space. We decided to sit at the bar and eat, and I got a Taco Meat filled Quesadilla with of course ... a Spotted Cow.

*Side note: I'm still embarrassed about that game ... 43 POINTS?!?!?!?

To close out the day ... more eating. And this time from one of our favorite Bay View spots: Hue. I usually get their Veggie Meat that is SO good you can't even tell the difference between that and real meat! This time, the hubs accidentally ordered my the Tofu, but it was still good! The spicy noodles are by far my favorite thing there.

Did you eat anywhere new this weekend? Share your secrets with me!!! 

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