Solid Deals from Endurance House Delafield

This is it! Marathon weekend for Shan! I'm heading up to Minocqua right after I finish typing this post and telling you about all the good stuff that my friends at Endurance House Delafield have for you!

As you know, they've hooked me up with some solid recommendations when it comes to shoes (my Brooks which I'm loving so far) and accessories (Goodr sunglasses which are incredible and part of sales going on this month!!). They also have some great services, including the Personalized Movement Profile (PMP), which is free and basically matches you with shoes better than your best friend did when she was setting you up on a blind date!

Here's the what and when of a few sales going on this month!

9/7-9/9: There are some big trail races coming up the weekend of 9/15, so to get everyone ready, we are doing Buy 1 get 1 50% off Mix and Match Trail shoes and Hydration Vests (buy a pair of trail shoes, get a vest at 50% off, or buy 1 pair of trail shoes, get a second pair of shoes 50% off). Gear up for your next long run! Like I said, I'm wearing Brooks right now, which I'm loving. In order to find out which shoe is right for you - let them take care of you and test out that PMP!

9/14-9/16: 10% off all Garmin products. Go back to school with a new Garmin watch! I have a few friends that live and die by these things. I can't have anything on my wrists because I smash them around too much, but if I wasn't so "gestured," I'd definitely invest in this!

9/21-9/23: Feetures running socks. Buy 3 get 1 FREE. America's #1 Running Sock! I have to admit, I still have to get a pair of these, but I was tempted to buy the store out when I went in for my shoe fitting. I struggle with getting raspberries on my heels and other sores on my feet when I run because I'm so picky about my feet being able to breathe that I can only wear a certain kind of sock...this would solve the problem. 

9/28-9/30: goodr sunglasses. Buy 1 pair, get 25% off your second pair. Including the NEW Runway goodrs. These are the hottest selling item in the store. The best running sunglasses you can buy starting at $25! THESE ARE AWESOME!! I have a pair, and I'm going back for more. I have black with blue lenses (as pictured below), and they're the only sunglasses I've had success running with because they don't slip off your face from sweat - and they're comfortable!! I'm big on hats, but when I'm not wearing one, I always have these sunglasses by my side. #TrueStory

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