Shan's Weekend in Pictures: 8/31

What an awesome weekend! I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately, but I've been planning a lot of activities with friends and not dreading them for once! Do you know what I'm talking about? Not that you don't want to see your friends, but you make so many plans, and work is draining, and you get to Friday and realized you haven't relaxed all week long, so you debate on canceling going out to dinner because you just need a minute to yourself? That's usually me.

Not this weekend! It started out with a fun dinner on Friday night at Lakefront Brewery. Adam had never been there before (I know, after living in Milwaukee for six years, you'd think he would have been the least-bit curious), and I hadn't seen my friend Alli in forever, so we went! Cheese curds, fish fry and beer - sounds perfect. 

I woke up on Saturday thinking, "Oh my gosh, my marathon is one week from today!" No, I'm not ready. However, my friends at Endurance House Delafield have been pushing me along, and I packed my new shoes from the store when I went to my parents house, so it sounded like a good day for a long run! I ran around 10 miles when all was said and done, but it didn't feel like it! Even with the hills, humidity and disgusting cow smell at times, I can't get over how beautiful my home hometown is. Naturally, I had to take a selfie. 

The reason I went to my parents house in the morning was 1) because I had a headlight out and needed my dad to fix it and 2) we had a fun station event in Cedarburg that day! Below are a few pictures from one of my favorite contests that we do each year called "Yourfest." Basically, you show us a picture of your "hangout" spot, and we choose a winner and bring the party to your spot! This includes the talent - which this year, was Russell Dickerson. To say the least, NatashaFest was a success because even though it rained, she had a stellar back up idea of renting out one of the rooms at a local brewery!

Later that night, I got out to Walworth County Fair - which is one of the prettiest counties, in my opinion - for the Hunter Hayes show. I stopped by the FM106.1 Street Team to say hi, and for once, we actually remembered to get a picture! Below from left to right is Chloe, Julia and yours truly.

On Sunday, Adam's parents had a Labor Day Party - they just love to entertain, which I'm ok with because Adam's dad is a cook, so you can imagine the food, and his mom bakes like nobody's business. His friends are a ton of fun and have introduced me to a lot of games that I've never played before, including Beersbee, Harvard and the one below - KanJam. You can tell who won by my game face :)

My sister and brother-in-law live about twenty minutes away from Adam's family, so they even got a chance to stop by the party! I was really excited because my sister's friend, Jessica, was in town from California, and I hardly ever get to see her anymore. She flew in to go to the Lady Antebellum show with Janelle, and it sounded like they had a blast!

I probably ate, drank and danced too much, but I'm a big fan of outdoor parties. My heart is so full when I get to see friends and family all in the same weekend, so I think this Labor Day weekend was for the books! Hopefully, I'll be able to post a solid blog for next weekend, saying I finished my marathon with flying colors..or just finished it in general.   

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