Shan's Weekend in Pictures: 8/24

My weekends have been jam-packed this summer with some fun events! Friday night, Quinn and I had a cruise scheduled which ended up being canceled. We were actually kind of excited about the fact that we could make it to Saz's to support Scott and Ridder as celebrity bartenders for Amber's Last Promise (a fundraiser for mental illness). 

Quinn dragged her husband, Jesse, along, and I dragged my boyfriend, Adam, along - and we had a blast! Scott poured us a few tequila shots (which quickly added up), and Ridder made me a solid mojito. This is where I have to mention, I am extremely picky about my mojitos, so I was impressed and pleasantly surprised with his skills. 

My niece, Lacey, turned three last week, and we had her birthday party on Saturday. I can't BELIEVE how many gifts were on the fireplace for her. That little girls is spoiled, but when you have a face like that, how can you deny her that one extra gift even though you've already spent too much money. The picture below wasn't from her party; it's just one of my favorite pictures of her because my brother posted it the other day. My sister told me that she thanked them for singing to her and for remembering her birthday. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE!

Anyways, my sister, brother-in-law and Adam went in on a motorized convertible (red like Grandpa's Trans am). We rolled it up the driveway thinking it'd be a hit because I was OBSESSED with my jeep when my parents got me one for Christmas when I was like 4. Well, I guess that extra year helps a lot because Lacey was a little frightened by the thing. Although - she eventually put her new friend, Catlynn (pictured below), in the car and would use the parental remote control to drive her around - or her two-year-old friend, Eli. She'll get there one day.

Adam actually got Lacey a gift card for Build-A-Bear, and we just added it to our gift. She screamed with joy over that thing, so yes, he saved our butts. 

Right after Lacey's birthday, Adam and I left for Detroit. He's originally from Michigan, but his family lives Illionis, so we were going up to see his grandparents and get to a Tigers game with his folks and their friends. 

Trust me, that jersey was only on for the picture. Adam called me over and asked to take a picture. He pulled the jersey out of the trunk, and I sad, "Absolutely not." The next thing I knew, I was putting it on because his grandparents were laughing at me. You can see the fake smile of grinding teeth...

Here's something: I have never been to Comerica Park, but this was something. I love me some Miller Park, but this park was something special. I loved seeing Detroit in the background, and we were there for Trammell's jersey retirement, so the energy level was incredible. I'd definitely go back. 

I caved and ended up buying a hat...I apologize, but I'll only wear it when I'm in Detroit and when their standings don't matter to ours (which is now, too...).

I completely forgot that Aretha Franklin was from Detroit. I wanted to make sure to get a picture by The Fillmore and even take a picture of the Fox Theater. Pretty much anywhere on that street across from the ballpark because what a cool atmosphere. It would've been fun to have stayed a few more days and see her "Celebration of Life" with all of the stars coming into town. 

This was probably one of my favorite parts of vacation: Adam's grandparents took us back to their house after the game, and pops is very into the model train hobby. These are just a few pictures from his basement which looks like a straight-up museum - and as you can imagine, the photos don't do it justice. He built every single thing in this basement, some from scratch. He even painted the background with clouds and rocks and mountains. It was SO COOL.

On Monday, I went golfing with Adam and his parents at one of the most beautiful courses I've seen at Eagle Crest Resort. We only did nine holes due to timing, but I don't think I'm ready for a full 18 just yet. I used to golf almost every week / every other week with my dad and brother, but it's been a long time since I've swung a club up until this summer, so you can imagine my excitement when I made par on the first hole!

The rest of the holes...well, we don't talk about those...

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