My Weekend in 5 Pictures - Fiserv Forum, Boats, and Fake Meat

So this week, I am cheating a little bit with my Weekend in 5 Pictures.

Technically, Thursday isn't the weekend.... but I forgot to share my pictures on here from our tour of the beautiful, brand new Fiserv Forum! We all got to go as a group here from the office, and it was so cool to see everything that will be there! I think my favorite part was this big open section at the top which is open to anyone that has a ticket for a game or show. There's an amazing view of the city from it too. Oh, and sitting with the Bango statue was pretty legit too.... I have to get my pic with the real guy next time!

Saturday morning, I had a remote at the South Shore Yacht Club with Evinrude. We got to ride around on a Pontoon boat that had one of their awesome engines. It was a little gloomy when we went out, but the view was still awesome!

Last but not least... I'm not a vegetarian, but I am a fake meat enthusiast. Yes, you read that right.

I love the Crispy ("chicken") Tenders from the brand Gardein, and this weekend at Outpost in Bay View, I picked up their Beefless Ground to make tacos with. I mixed in some Trader Joe's Taco Mix (don't use the whole thing because it definitely has a lot of kick to it!), tomatoes, onions, and corn. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the Beefless Ground and real ground beef! Highly recommend. 

***(it also tasted better than it looks below)

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