Maybe Running In Groups is the Way to Go

Last night, I stopped by Endurance House Delafield for their weekly Tuesday night run. I have to admit, I was a little nervous because even though I run quite a bit, I'm not the best at running in groups, and I don't run fast. 

My nerves completely went away as I approached the store and was immediately greeted by the team leads, Julie and Jack, and pretty much every runner that surrounded them. Here's the cool thing: Endurance House Delafield has created a community of runners who are all about bettering themselves while encouraging others. Every Tuesday night, they have a run - mine was only about 2.3 miles - and each run has a plethora of people who run at all different paces.

Afterwards, I was expecting to hit the parking lot and everyone go their separate ways. That's NOT what happened. All of the runners stuck around to chat with each other because there are quite a few regulars who were talking about the races they saw each other at and talking about what they've been doing as far as training goes. I could hear conversations about music, work, movies and so much more. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of camaraderie! I'd highly recommend this FREE run for beginners and experienced runners. What a fun way to spend a Tuesday night!

My training hasn't been going as well as planned this summer (which, in the end - I ultimately knew would happen because Summerfest, Wisconsin State Fair, Country Thunder and whatever else - life, in short). BUT - I have been running consistently because it's a great stress reliever for me. Here are a few of my favorite spots to journey:

  • McKinely Marina / Bradford Beach
  • Atwater Beach in Shorewood
  • Glacier Hills in Richfield
  • Back roads towards Holy Hill in Richfield
  • Root River Parkway in Greenfield
  • Sussex Park
  • Trail around Lannon Quarry

If you need some tuneage while you're running, too, click here for some of my recent playlist favorites.

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