Shan's Weekend in Pictures - 8/17

It was another stellar weekend filled with friends and fun activities! I spent my time in Richfield because my parents were up at our cabin in Minocqua with my sister, brother-in-law, their two dogs and my brother-in-laws parents. Therefore: I had the Bent. (My dog's name is Bentley, so that's who I'm referencing when I say Bent) 

Of course, we took plenty of walks throughout the weekend, and if you've never been to Richfield - it's basically a photo shoot waiting to happen because of all of the parks! Naturally, I had my dog pose for endless pictures because that's what I do as a millennial. Here, you can see Bentley hanging out be the luscious cornstalks my town has to offer...

PS - This was after he jumped into the creek about four times. Not pictured: Shan trying to lug him around and give him a bath. Love me the smell of wet dog...

Because I had to watch the pup, I didn't hang out for long amounts of time; rather, I did short little trips to as many places as I could with the help of some awesome dog-sitters (my brother, Danny, and my friend, Sara). 

On Friday night, I was able to stop by City Lights Brewing for my friend's "Welcome Home" Party! Liz (pictured in the pink shirt) was living in Montana for the past year with her husband, Jesse. Jesse's studying to become a pastor, so his vicar year was spent out west. They're finally home, and I'm so excited that Liz was called to be a teacher at her alma mater - which is in town!!

I had never been to city lights, but they had a solid Coconut Porter which I had. I also had some of my friend's cider - which normally, I'm not a fan of because it gives me a bit of gut rut, but this one was pear flavored, and I actually think I could finish a glass of it!

They had some cool games set up outside, such as bags, and a really nice outdoor seating area. I'll definitely go back to try it out a bit more!

As I told ya, we went on plenty of walks throughout the weekend, and I even got Adam to come out for one! We went to Glacier Hills, which is about a mile from my house and one of my mine and Bentley's favorite parks to walk through! It's one of my favorites because my mom and I used to walk there and the views are beautiful. It's one of Bentley's favorites because he has access to the lake, and there's plenty o' wild life. 

And of course, more pictures of the most photogenic member of my family...

Moving onto Saturday afternoon, Scott and I worked a shift at Zoo a la Carte, and I was so excited to see my brother, sister-in-law, her aunt and uncle, and my niece! 

I was able to get Lacey to step out of her stroller to take a picture in our FM106.1 photo booth (which is really cool, by the way. You can try it at our next event!). This was the first go-around. She didn't really know what we were doing, but by the time she took pictures with her mom, she was a pro! She's my bud. And yes, PJ Masks is part of our extended family. Not pictured: Vampirina. 

After I finished up at the zoo, I took Adam to Amy's. I've been there more in the past two weeks than I've been in the past year... because if you read my blog last weekend, you found out that I took my mom to get a caramel apple for the first time. She loved it, and Adam's from Illinois and hardly gets up to my favorite area. 

I ended up getting the same thing as last weekend - sprinkles. Just plain sprinkles. I'm a simple kinda gal. Adam got a few truffles and a heath covered caramel apple. I've been trying to sell him on the country since he's a city boy, and Cedarburg seemed to do the trick!

I am basically distraught about the fact that one of the most fun parts about my weekend happened on Sunday, and I didn't really take any pictures - which if you know me, you know that is WAY out of character! Adam got a bunch of friends together, and we all rented a boat on Pewaukee Lake, and it was a blast! From swimming to tubing to eating PB&J sandwiches on the boat, it was so nice to hang out with friends and enjoy one of the last perfect days of summer. I don't even mind the sunburn I managed to accumulate with my 50 SPF. What's an pale girl to do?

What'd you do this weekend? Share your pictures or tell me something good!

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