Parents' empty nest social media post goes viral!

This sweet husband and wife have been together for 25 years, and they just sent their second child off to college.

Now, we've ALL seen those baby announcements on social media, a ton of them being with chalkboard ... but have you ever seen an announcement like this one?!

It's the other side of having kids... and empty nest .... and I love how these 2 celebrated this stupendous occasion!

It's gone completely viral, and in my opinion (as someone who only has cats) ... these 2 are parenting goals.

After dropping their son off at college in Michigan, Vicky Piper's husband had an idea to commemorate their new empty nest. Piper's husband, Jeff, grabbed an actual empty nest. She found an old chalkboard and wrote "empty Nest August 2018." A friend snapped their picture, which was later posted to Facebook. It's since gone viral, with more than 173,000 reactions. 📸: Laura Eskridge #emptynest

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