Shan's Weekend in Five Pictures - 8/10

I thought it was going to be a slow, boring weekend because a lot of my friends were out of town, but my mom was ready for a girls' weekend, and I was all about that life!

Ridder and Scott had told me that Here Come the Mummies were playing a free show in Cedarburg, and since I have been trying for a few years to see them - quite unsuccessfully - I made a point of putting it on my calendar. Plus, I love Cedarburg, so it's never a bad thing to be able to get out there. 

My sister was on her way up from Chicago, so my mom and I left the concert a little early. Honestly, the Mummies were fantastic, but I didn't mind leaving because that means we could stop at Amy's Apples before they closed!!! Can you believe my mom had never been there?! Such a cute little shop!

...and then, when we got home, my sister was eagerly waiting for us, and how DARE she try to eat my apple. Don't worry, we weren't too mean about it. We made sure to get her one, too!

I spent the night at my folks' place, so I could visit my Grandma at her new place on Saturday. Believe it or not - I even taught her how to floss (dance) because she said her exercise class was kind of lame. I figured that would get her group going a little more. Don't worry, I'll be teaching there soon...

Fast forward to Sunday night, my mom and I lucked out with a pair of last-minute Reba tickets, and I was over-the-moon excited!!! Reba is one of the last artists on my country music bucket list, and as of Sunday night at the Wisconsin State Fair, I can check that baby off (but I'm definitely going to see her again...)

My mom and I had a blast! Reba was nothing short of amazing, and I couldn't believe how many of her songs I actually knew all of the words to. She sure did NOT disappoint! And she looks bomb and can still sing like the true powerhouse she is!

The coolest part of the concert was the fact that we were sitting in the section that a lot of our FM106.1 winners were, so I got to say hi to quite a few of them! I love meeting everyone and putting faces with names!

Things got even more crazy when two people walked up to sit next to us at the concert, and it was...

Ridder and his adorable wife, Sarah! It was so much fun hanging out with them, and it's always nice to sit next to someone who's not a total stranger taking up your leg room :) 

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