Cole Swindell loves playing in and visiting Milwaukee (INTERVIEW)

Cole Swindell was the headliner Wednesday night at the Wisconsin State Fair (his opener was Michael Ray, and you can get my interview with him here), and he was SO GOOD!

When he sang "Break Up In The End", it gave me all the feels. It's definitely my new favorite from Cole, and it's one of my top picks on our station.

Before he hit the stage, we got to sit with him on his bus and chat a little ... he even played some of his new music for us (one of the songs is about his dad, and it's one that is so beautifully done, and anyone who has lost someone close to them can relate to) off of his album, "All Of It, which comes out on August 17th.

We talked about his relationship status, if he ever regrets giving a song to another artist that he's written, how the Brewers just beat his Braves, and what one of his favorite beers is (spoiler alert: it's Spotted Cow!).

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