Disney’s Sleep Hotline Can Help With Bedtime Struggles

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Do you struggle at bedtime... the little one just won't go to sleep?

Disney has a new solution to stop the bedtime battle. Disney’s Sleep Shop is offering a sleep hotline where parents can dial up their kiddo’s favorite Disney character and they will lay down the bedtime law.

Just call 877-7-MICKEY (642539) and follow the prompts and boom!  Your sleep-fighting child will have a Disney BFF on the line. 

If you’re too impatient for the 30-second recording to read off the options, here’s a cheat sheet:
Press 1 for Mickey
Press 2 for Minnie
Press 3 for Donald
Press 4 for Daisy
Press 5 for Goofy

You can press those numbers as soon as the recording starts and get to bedtime business right away.

Introducing, our new Sleep Shop - complete with everything you need to add a dash of magic to your kid's bedtime routine! 😴 Plus, for a limited time, call 1-877-7-MICKEY to hear a special good-night message from some of their favorite characters! ✨ // Link in bio to shop & learn more

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The hotline is here to celebrate the company’s new sleepwear line, but it’s a cute way for your kid to hear their Disney buddy tell them night-night. Each call gets you one character, but if you’re desperate - what parent hasn't been there - let your kid keep calling to hear them all.

But this toll-free number is only available through August 31st.
>Unless Disney hears the pleas of frustrated parents and keeps the hotline going longer. Fingers crossed.

Full of happiness and curiosity ✨(📸 @lvoekat)

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