Women Crushing It Wednesday with Rachel Wammack! (INTERVIEW)

Last week I had the pleasure of having dinner with an adorable up and coming superstar, Rachel Wammack!

Her song "Damage" has official hit country radio (including our station!), and her powerhouse voice really comes through in it. Check out the video at the end of this.... her EP has that song on it, and another one I really like called "Closure".

We talked about the time she ALMOST met Chris Pratt at a Chris Stapleton show (worst luck ever), her celebrity crushes (um... Michael Scott though?), and who her lady crushes in the country music industry are (Tenille Townes is one of my favorites right now too... look up "Somebody's Daughter" if you haven't heard it yet).

If you missed any #WomenCrushingItWednesdays of the past, check out some of them below or on my podcast, "An Energy Bar in a Headband", on our free iHeartRadio app!

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