Shan's Weekend in Five Pictures - 8/6

What a weekend! I thought it would be a fun, relaxing weekend since I really didn't have to work much, but boy was I wrong! Ok, half wrong. Of course, it was a blast!! I got to hang out with friends and do something different that I don't normally get to do each night! However, relaxing was NOT a part of the vocabulary this weekend whatsoever.

Friday started out strong with going to see the Brewers kick some butt. We actually had time to tailgate before the game, too! I went with my boyfriend, Adam, and a few of his friends who are quickly becoming mine. Thank goodness for his good choice in character!

I played my first ever game of KanJam at the tailgate, too! I did horrible, but it was a blast! If you've never heard of it, click here for more details. Don't worry, I would redeem myself the next day. Eventually, we made it into the game, and no, unfortunately, we didn't stay until the end to watch Thames win it for us, had been a long day. 

Saturday was another solid and busy day because we ended up at the beach again with some friends. I was broadcasting at Bradford Beach last Saturday and had so much fun, but I had to work shortly after my shift ended, so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. This was also probably the first time I went in Lake Michigan fully. I'm not a huge fan of the water because it's a little dirty, but I saw everyone else having so much fun and was covered in sand from playing volleyball, so I had to get it off anyways because it wasn't going to go in the car!

Later that night, we went out for our friend, Sydney's, birthday. Most of the people in the group are on my softball team, so it was fun to see everyone, and I even got to bring my best friend, Jessi, along! We went on one of those Edelweiss boat cruises which was awesome because you can't really stand and talk - you have to either be outside or dancing, and that's definitely more my speed! I took a ton of pictures, so obviously, this will be one of those posts where there are more than five photos to explain...just means we're having a good time!

I feel like this is one of those photos that you'd say... "This is what you think what you look like during a night out with your friends ^^^"

"And this is what you actually look like..." Showcasing the fact that I have no shame.

Sunday Funday started off at the fair! Adam and I went with his roommate, and it was the perfect day to take advantage of Wisconsin's pride! We found street parking for free and really only had to walk a few blocks. Once we got inside, it wasn't super busy which is always my beef with State Fair, since I hate crowds (I know, I'm working in the wrong industry!).

After walking through the entire expo center, looking at animals and drinking a few beers at the Micro, we were pooped. I made the guys pose for a picture before we left, though. They'll thank me later.

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