Ridder's Weekend in 5 Pics: Brewers & Bier Gartens

It was a hot one!  But with temps in 90's some breeze and shade made it tolerable.  After all we don't get many great summer days in Wisconsin, so we need to soak them up when we can.

Friday began with a show trip to the Wisconsin State Fair to check some of the new things along with our faves.  Cheese Curds, craft beer at The Micro and the animal barns.  We even checked out the new FM106.1 photo booth.  Look at these smiling goofs!

Be sure to stop by and find FM106.1 at the fair any day and get your photos.  Find the rolling radio near the Cream Puff Pavillion across from the ejection seat.

Saturday took me out to one of my favorite spots in the area; Von Rothenburg Bier Stube.  Met some friends in the Bier Garten and shared laughs and some good food and beer.  My German heritage is no secret and this place is where I go to get a taste of Deutschland.  It truly transports you to the feel of an open air garden in Germany, while being quietly nuzzled in Germantown, WI.

From one beer garden to another!  Stock House Brewing slated to open in my neighborhood this fall did a pop up in the cool pocket park we have off of North Ave.  Walked over grabbed a beverage dropped them a little donation and shared a Cranky Al's doughnut with Jackson.  It was the perfect end to a great day.

Of all the things I love about Milwaukee and the surrounding area, I love nothing more than Milwaukee Brewers ballgames at Miller Park. Getting to share time in the park with my son is now easily my favorite thing in the world.  Showing him something I love and seeing the excitement on his face bring me so much joy.

When it comes to joy on his face, that came from the ice cream bar he got to enjoy. If you didn't know Sunday's at Miller Park kids 14 and under get a free ice cream bar.  Given the hot day it was and the slight teething little man has been feeling the frozen treat was the best thing in his day!

Great weekend overall... 

Only 6 weeks left of summer (officially)

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