New Brewers player making fans on the field and in Target stores.

Newly acquired Milwaukee Brewers third basemen Mike Moustakas hasn't been with the team more than a week, but the Milwaukee faithful is already welcoming him with open arms.

Moustakas came over from the Kansas City Royals in the days before the Trade Deadline.

"Moose" as he's known by fans, was in a department store on Saturday when two young Brewers fans recognized him and stopped to ask for his autograph. Moustakas was happy to do so.  However, no one had a pen or marker.

Moustakas, looked to the shelf and they happened to be in the perfect location to find one:

Moose grabbed a sharpie and ripped open the package, noting that he'll pay for the marker too.

Love this!  Great dude that's taking no time to steal Brewers fans hearts.  We can already hear the "mooooooooooosse" chants!

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