Cranky Al's, State Fair food, & Seinfeld - My Weekend in 5 Pics!

This weekend was a total blur, but I feel like that's just how summers are in Milwaukee ... am I right?

On Saturday, I was at the Wisconsin State Fair all day... and it was a hot & fun one for Sentry Day! I started out the morning hosting a cooking demonstration with Molly Fay from Today's TMJ4 and Chef Bob! He made two dishes, and my favorite one was with turkey, pasta, and artichokes (pictured below). The other was with pork, mango, and cherries... still good, but the turkey one was out of this world delicious!

After we were done with the cooking, the Mascots showed up to Central Park!!! I was so excited to find Roscoe from the Milwaukee Admirals (if you haven't heard the news... our sister station, WOKY, is the new home of the Admirals)! 

I have been waiting to try this Deep Fried French Onion Soup at the Fair since I had Jen & Kristi in (from their Marketing & Communications Department) for Women Crushing It Wednesday ... and let me tell you.... it did NOT disappoint! My husband is not a big fried food guy, and he gave it 2 thumbs up as well! It's over at the PBR Bar & Grill near our set up (behind the Cream Puff Pavilion). 

Yesterday, Jesse (aka the husband) stopped at Cranky Al's after the gym to grab us some donuts. I'm usually not a big blueberry lover when it comes to baked goods (gimme a chocolate chip muffin over a blueberry one any day!), but I love their Blueberry Cake donuts. I also don't really love Nutella (keep your gasps to a minimum), but their new Nutella-stuffed donut is freaking amazing. We didn't take any pictures because we inhaled them too quickly, but here's one on their Instagram... 

And last but not least.... I just started watching "Seinfeld" a few weeks ago. For the first time. Yes, you read that correctly... for the first time. I started from the beginning, and I've made it to Season 5.

Now, I've always told my friends how I'm way more of a "Friends" fan, and that that's why I never really got into "Seinfeld". I know you can like both, but I feel like the majority of people lean way more towards one than the other. Last night, I was MIND BLOWN to see Monica on an episode dating Jerry! JERRY! What about Chandler?!? Did Ross approve of this?!? MY WORLDS WERE COLLIDING! 

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