Carly Pearce slid into Michael Ray's DMs (INTERVIEW)

Carly Pearce opened up for Walker Hayes this weekend at the Washington County Fair, and Shannen O from the Morning Show and I got to meet her beforehand (shout out to Shan for her camera work here).

Carly is just as adorable in pictures as she is in person (that body suit she's wearing ... I really, REALLY need it in my wardrobe), and the crowd was absolutely loving her performance (especially "Hide The Wine".... got the music video at the end if you haven't seen it yet).

I didn't waste any time, and asked her about her new romance with country stud Michael Ray immediately. I love that she was super open talking about how they met and eventually got together. We also talked about her awesome girl squad (QUEEEEEEN MAREN), her favorite song to perform, and how we both need our space (sorry Tige & Daniel .... no tiny couches for us, but we love ya!). 

And as my new friends over at @CarlyPUpdates have pointed out, Walker Hayes is also a big fan of "Hide The Wine"! (thanks guys for all the social love this week!)

UPDATE: Thank you to for picking up my interview with Carly too! 

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