Shan's Weekend in 5 Pictures - 7/27

What a busy, fun-filled weekend! The most active day was definitely Saturday. I had a live broadcast at Bradford Beach on Saturday morning, and I was super happy to see a couple of my friends show up for a beach day after I got done! So, yes. I made everyone take a group picture.

We had a solid girls vs guys volleyball game going that a couple of people were watching because let's face it, the girls were crushing the boys. #sorrynotsorry But, they held their own! Might have to make another go of it this weekend!

Ridder even stopped by to say hi with Little Man during their "boys weekend!" Jackson is getting SO big, and he was in such a good mood. I can't believe how well he travels and how good he is with people he's not familiar with!

Later that night, I booked it out to Washington County Fair to catch the opener, Ryan Kinder. I was SUPER excited to see him because I never have before, and he was my original #MyPickMonday. If you don't know what that is, you really need to follow me on Instagram.... @radio_shanno

Just saying.

From Washington County straight to Pewaukee Lake because I had to do the intro for Jordan Davis! Jordan did a great job. He was one of the members on our Class of 2018 show, and you can tell how much progress he's made even since then! I love watching new artists grow!

Sunday was an interesting day, as well. My boyfriend (Adam) and I went to help his parents put in their new hot tub - ok, he moreso helped while I watched. We stopped at this place called the Sugar Factory that had massive candy drinks and milkshakes. We ended up getting a Raspberry Watermelon Mojito, and it was delicious! I'm not much of a sweet drinker, but this I'd make an exception for - and I didn't even have a stomach ache after drinking the thing! But those milkshakes, boy-oh-boy. I'm coming back for one of those. They look like the ones that Laur Akins always gets when she's in Las Vegas!

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