Walker Hayes, Carly Pearce, and Milwaukee views - My Weekend

This past weekend was a blur, but it was fun as always!

This wasn't exactly on the weekend ... but it's close enough! Wednesday through Friday last week, I filled in on our sister station 97-3 NOW on my pal Rahny Taylor's show! It was Flashback Friday, so I had to represent with one of my favorite vintage tshirts. I LOVED A.C. Slater back in the day!

Thank you again to Rahny for having me in .... a true radio professional, and a great friend!

On Saturday, I went over to the Washington County Fair for the Walker Hayes/Carly Pearce show! One of my oldest radio friends, Brian, is Walker's tour manager.... so it was awesome to see him! We started out in the Promotions Department together in Buffalo in 2008, and I'm so happy for him and the opportunities he's had since then!

I got to interview Carly Pearce (shout out to Shannen O from the Morning Show for recording it) and Walker Hayes (my dude Brian above was behind the camera for that one) backstage before they went on/ I'll have those up this week for you to check out! Carly is being highlighted for my #WomenCrushingItWednesday segment this week, and we talked about how she and Michael Ray got together! You'll love their story.

Walker and I talked for 11 minutes.... but it certainly didn't feel like it! He's one of the best interviews I've had to date. Also, huge shout out to his bass player, Kellan, who stayed in the bathroom the whole time because he didn't want to interfere with the interview ... we didn't know he was in there which was flipping hilarious!

The hubs and I closed out the weekend yesterday by taking a nice walk by the water. We got ice cream and people watched ... and I'm not sure which I enjoyed more. 

And man.... what a beautiful city we've got ... check out that view though!

As a BONUSSSSS video, I started watching "Dark Tourist" on Netflix (finally!). There's an episode that includes Shaker's in Milwaukee, and another episode is all about Japan. This was my favorite part of the Japan episode.... a hotel completely run by robots..... EVEN A DINOSAUR ONE!!!! LIKE WHAAAAAT I NEED TO GO!!! 

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