Scotty McCreery fought for this song at his wedding (INTERVIEW)

Scotty McCreery is playing at the Washington County Fair tonight, and we'll be there on site! Stop by our set up for your chance to meet him, and look out for Shannen O from the Morning Show who will be intro'ing Scotty and Tucker Beathard!

I got to talk to Scotty today on the phone, and we talked about his wedding (including what song he had to have played at it.... didn't know he was a B52 fan!), his childhood romance with his now wife Gabi, and how he loves watching the crowd when he performs "Five More Minutes". I especially loved how we talked about the most misheard lyric in that song ... people, people, people, it's: "Lost State 10 to 9" !


If you haven't seen his new music video for "This Is It" yet, check it out here! It's a tear jerker for sure.



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