Shan's Weekend in 5 Pictures - 7/20

Quinn, Hannah and even Ridder have jumped on board with this whole "5 Pictures from My Weekend" thing, so I figured...I better hop on because I take SO many pictures, and at least, I might remember what I actually did over the weekend if I revisit them. And here we are, my first post.

Here's the thing that I'll caution you with: I take way more than five pictures each weekend, so I might bend the rules a bit. Whether it's a lake picture from my run or a picture of my dog, my camera or my phone camera are with me at all times and used excessively. 

So, we begin...

"I have an extra pass to Whiskey Row, did you want to go?" - Quinn

...I think she knew the answer looking at my face. I've never even really seen Dierks in concert for more than a few songs, and I love his stuff, so OF COURSE I took advantage of this opportunity! Dierks and his camp do this thing called "Whiskey Row," yes - based on his restaurant/bars, where they invite radio people back to have a drink with the man, himself, and maybe chat for a few minutes.

It was so cool! Dierks welcomed us with open arms, and he even told us that day that Brothers Osborne opened for him at Country Thunder - so they all flew together! Here's the thing, Dierks called them up and asked if they wanted a in, Dierks piloted the plane. 

The fact that he was using the FM106.1 koozie that Quinn gave him didn't hurt this picture, either!

From a late Friday night into an early Saturday morning, I hung out at Miller Park for the Famous Racing Sausages 5K! I had to host the race (basically meaning I help the crowd count down from 10 to start the race), and then, I got a chance to actually get a run in with Hannah (who you hear on Sundays) and my friend from high school, Sara. 

Before the start of the race, we had the PERFECT opportunity to take a picture with all of the sausages and Bernie. When does that ever happen?!?! I mean, I was real excited about meeting Dierks, but this was a pretty big highlight from my weekend, as well. 

Right after the race - I mean, leaving directly from the parking lot of Miller Park - sweat and all, I jumped in the car to drive seven hours to go to a wedding that night in the middle of Michigan. Thank goodness the attire was "Farmhouse Casual." Adam was making fun of me the entire ride there because in order to clean myself up (I didn't want to smell!), I was using wet wipes to clear the sweat. 

Mounds of deodorant, dry shampoo and truckstops later, we made it just in time...for dinner. We missed the ceremony, unfortunately, but we kind of knew that was going to happen. We had a blast hanging out at the reception with friends - there's just something different about going to weddings when the people are your age and a lot of your friends are attending - you have so much fun! Plus - it was a camping wedding! It was pouring throughout the night, so our stuff got a little wet, but it was still worth it!

In the picture above...yes, I'm counting it as one picture...I wanted to do a "Who wore it better?" Adam took my jean jacket, and his friend, Tyler, took his girlfriend, Angela's, jacket thinking that they could pull it off better than we could. In the end, we all know who looked best...

I am always behind the camera - I hate being in front. I feel like normally, I'm a very confident person that has a positive body image. But, for some reason - I never like the way that pictures of myself look! When you add in another person, you have double the trouble because someone's blinking or the smile is crooked and whatever else. 

Well, cue this wedding, and I can't choose a favorite picture because they all look so good! From Adam and myself to us with some of his other friends or pictures of the guys with the groom, definitely some keepers! And they were all laughing when I wanted to take pictures by the cornstalks...

Adam and I got to that wedding around 5:15PM on Saturday night. Well, I had to work the next day. Another seven hour roadtrip starting at 7AM landed me back to Country Thunder...and boy did I have fun! The best part was being able to hang out with the whole FM106.1 crew. Hannah took full advantage of how good her, Quinn and I were we opted for a selfie. It's not often you get a "one-take-wonder!"

BONUS PICTURE (I told you I wouldn't be able to follow the five picture rule): Morgan Wallen was hanging out at the bar at Country Thunder, and I wanted to learn how to use these Conch Shell shot glasses that were sporting Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Rum logo, so the boys and I gathered around the Key Lime Pie flavor, and we were off! Check out the video below to see if I was able to finish without making a face!

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