Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee is headed to Netflix!

A couple months back, some of my iHeartMedia Milwaukee friends & I went to Shaker's Cigar Bar for a ghost/history tour! It was really fascinating, and the bar there is pretty flipping cool.

I love weird stuff like that, and dark documentaries as you may or may not know (the most recent one I finished was "The Staircase" on Netflix .... holy wow, what a ride!!!), so I was SO EXCITED yesterday when my dude Pagel at work told me about this new one that drops this Friday (the 20th) on Netflix!

It's called "Dark Tourist", and it's done by the same guy who created "Tickled" (I think I watched that one on HBO).  The coolest part about this one is that Shaker's Cigar Bar is included in this one! It's 8 episodes long, and this spooky Milwaukee place will have it's own!

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